And I have to say: it was super tasty! Though, I almost didn’t eat it because of questionable consistency issues. More about that shortly. First? Let’s talk about Ingredient Acquisition.

As you know, I’ve been trying to Wholefoods less and Trader Joe’s more. And as you know, I’ve been failing miserably. Why? Because I would much rather spend $60 for three avocados and a bag of kale at the Wholefoods 2.5 miles away from my house than drive the 4.8 miles to Trader Joe’s. I’m a convenience girl, what can I say?

(Yet, I’ve been traveling halfway around the world to spend time with a girl I ReallyLike. This makes no sense, but I digress.)

Trader Joe’s just hasn’t been happening. And let’s face it, it’s probably not going to happen when all I’m shopping for is three cans of tomato-related ingredients and thyme.

With Wholefoods off the table and Trader Joe’s out of the question, my only option seemed to be Stop & Shop. And even though I hate Stop & Shop and everything it stands for, the fact that it is conveniently located 1.7 miles made it a given.

That is until I remembered that a brand new Market Basket recently opened 2 miles from my apartment (!!). And even though MB isn’t a huge step up from Stop & Shop with its painfully effulgent florescent lights illuminating aisle after aisle of processed food items, it’s at least cheaper than Stop & Shop. And cheap is good when plane tickets have become a thing.

My trip to Market Basket is best summed up by this short text exchange.

As for the soup? It was really easy to make. Even with piecing together multiple photos of the ingredients list and a running text message containing the actual cooking instructions. If I was cooking anything else, it would have been a disaster.

The Highlights:

IMG_3852 That time I broke one of my cute vintage glasses trying to extract a cutting board from the dish strainer. No worries. I have eight more of these darling little things.

blend That time I realized far too late in the process that perhaps a food processor wouldn’t be a good stand-in for a blender.

spillage That time my theory was proven.

peas Which was right around the time that I burnt the shit out of the chickpeas. If you’re going to burn the chickpeas, you might as well top this soup with rocks. Same taste, easier to procure.

The thing about using a food processor as a blending mechanism when you’re trying to pulverize stewed tomatoes and onions into a silky smooth liquid is that it doesn’t fucking work. Instead, it creates a texture similar to vomit. Which is a really, really, really unappetizing and unappealing consistency for soup. FYI.

But I ate it anyway.

After a moderate amount of mental coaching.

I’m buying a blender.