bowl of yum

So.  I don’t have a fridge.  That’s kind of a thing.

Which means I have to cook this entire meal and then pack it up and send it with Boots, to keep cold in his fridge.  Which means I have to hurry.  And you know how I am at hurrying while cooking…

Hopefully this will be my least funny post, because hopefully it will be the only one during which I am not drinking a large glass of wine.  But Tinder Girl With a Cold + wine didn’t seem like the best idea.

Meal: Cream of Tomato Soup with Roasted Italian Chickpeas
From: the Oh She Glows Cookbook

Important to note:  This recipe wants you to do something in advance.  Did I?  Of course not.  But you should, because it’s cashew cream as a replacement for real cream.  Which will be good for your lactoseyness.  I used real cream and it made everything ahh-maay-zing, but I have a feeling the cashews would actually lend an even silkier texture and more flavor.

Also important to note: This recipe calls for parchment paper and paper towels.  Both things normal households would have…  But I obviously ran out of paper towels this morning and still haven’t purchased parchment paper.  After briefly contemplating whether draining chickpeas into toilet paper would be effective, I scavenge a quarter roll of paper towels from my bathroom.

I’m making 1.5 times the recipe, since it needs to feed five people.  I’m making double the roasted chickpeas because roasted. chickpeas.

Start time: 10:30pm
I’m using olive oil instead of grapeseed for the chickpeas because I’m confused about what grapeseed oil actually is and what kind of person actually has grapeseed oil on hand.  The smell of the chickpea spice mix is orgasmic.  Thinking about just eating these and calling it a night…?

chickpea prep

Chickpeas make it into the oven to roast.  Aluminum foil working just as well as parchment paper so far.  Super proud of myself for setting a timer!


Sauteing onions and garlic – no big deal except for the fact that multiple roommates have asked me if I’m okay because of the tears flowing down my face.  I cut the last third of the onion with my eyes closed and wonder how many onion-related injuries there are in the world each year.

After forgetting that 1.5 times the recipe might not fit into the mixer and thus christening the Vitamix with lots of tomato soup splash, I get most of the soup mixture blended into a smooth (but not too smooth, because then people won’t think it’s homemade…) consistency.


Also.  Tell me there are people who can look at peeled tomatoes and not gag.  Please. Find me someone who can do that.

fetus tomato

really though.

Soup has pureed and is now heating.  I grab the chickpea tray after forgetting to set a timer for the second 15 minute rotation, but they seem okay.

Oh. My. God.

There’s no way anyone else gets to enjoy these chickpeas.  I am definitely going to eat all of them by tomorrow morning.  After my timer went off, I tried the “give them a good shake” method as suggested by the recipe and mostly succeeded in burning my finger and dumping a handful of chickpeas into the bottom of the oven.  So I might suggest using a spatula to gently move them around.  Total, I think the chickpeas roasted for 30-35 minutes.

Soup is finished and is really flavorful!  Although I can’t stand them in whole form, the sun dried tomatoes really gave the soup amazing flavor.  The roasted chickpeas are definitely the highlight.

roasted chickpea amazingness

End Time: 11:35pm

The whole meal is really filling, but I still think I am going to buy bread and cheese for a grilled cheese tomorrow.  It just feels… sacrilegious to have tomato soup without one.

I’m excited to hear how your attempt goes!