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Short post today because I actually managed to make a recipe without any glaring failures!

I wanted to make the Enchilada Casserole recipe from OSG, but had seen recipes for farro enchiladas and quinoa enchiladas on Pinterest and hoped I could sort of combine them all together into a quinoa enchilada casserole situation.

I’m making this recipe for Lunch Club. Bridget’s meal on Thursday was mushroom enchiladas with green sauce. I had already bought the ingredients for this, so hopefully the Club rrreallly likes enchiladas.

And hopefully mine win. Not that it’s a contest.  Not that I’m competitive.  Ever.

The recipe calls for you to make the enchilada sauce first. Easy enough, right? These spices are so pretty! Then you just simmer. Totally fine.

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Except if you’re me and have ADD and forget to stir. Then you get burnt enchilada sauce.

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Luckily, it wasn’t tooooo burnt, and upon some bromate taste tests was informed that it was just “extra smoky.”

Max has decided that I am making an “Enchiloction,” or enchilada concoction.   He informed me that, he’s “not even hungry and that smells delicious,” which I take as a good sign.

I only have one can of tomato paste when the recipe calls for two because reading is hard. I’ve already used the correct quantities of spices, but only have one can of paste. Oh well. Maybe I’m making a new version of the recipe that’s extra spicy. I use one can of paste and 1 cup water and it’s actually pretty GOOD!

I chop up the onions and then the peppers. I know you MUST have also bought one yellow, one red, and one orange pepper just for aesthetic appeal.

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I realize I’ve always made up how to cut a pepper, so I google it to find out if I’ve been doing it right. Not entirely, but kind of close. It seems like if you get the seeds and stem off, you’re doing pretty well.

How to cut a bell pepper

Also, who knew that if you leave a wooden spoon on a hot pan it will actually burn? It does smell kind of good though….

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I make the quinoa separately and put it in with the veggie mix, just like the recipe says to do with the pasta.

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I douse the mixture with cheese (real cheese, not vegan cheese… just because I had it on hand, not for any other reason).

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Setting a timer is for losers! Even though I forget to set one, I miraculously check in before it burns.  It’s delicious.

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This blog is a lot more exciting when I fuck things up!